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Training and Development


"Training and development initiatives typically flow from performance deficits or areas of improvement within the realms of the organisation. Our approach is to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis of the organisation involved and propose specific training and development interventions on the basis of results obtained from the needs analysis."

We implement training and development interventions in the following systematic manner:

  • A needs analysis is conducted for each division/department of the organisation

  • Structured interviews and/or questionnaires are utilised during the needs analysis

  • A bottom-up approach is followed to verify behaviour

  • Feedback is obtained with regards to qualitative and quantitative analyses

  • A proposal is made with regards to the training and development needs of the organisation

  • Possible training programmes and/or interventions matching the need(s) of the organisation will be proposed

  • Suitable training and development programmes will be designed

  • Feedback will be provided to management regarding the outcomes of the intervention by way of pre- and/or post assessments

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