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Recruitment and Selection


"Recruiting and selecting appropriate candidates to fill vacant positions will have significant implications on the overall performance of any organisation. It is therefore essential that organisations will invest the necessary time and money in recruitment and selection interventions as it concerns an organisation’s most valuable asset – its workforce."

Our recruitment and selection interventions are job specific and will typically be implemented in the following manner:


  • An agreement is reached with the client in terms of the job and incumbent specifications


  • An agreement is reached with the client with regards to the type(s) of media that will be utilised to advertise the vacant position


  • The compilation and placement of the advertisement for the vacant position takes place


  • Applications for the vacant position are received and reviewed


  • The selection of probable candidates takes place


  • A shortlist of candidates for the vacant position is compiled


  • Profiling of the shortlisted candidates take place


  • The profiles of shortlisted candidates are submitted to the client inclusive of reference checks and psychometric assessment results where applicable


  • Debiting is done for the actual amount of hours spent on the project and not by way of commission per remuneration package - a much more affordable option than conventional placement procedures

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