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Team Building


"Team building should go beyond the boundaries of a purely emotional exercise and therefore we use various instruments to assess individual and group behaviour. Accordingly we share the results of our assessments within the group whilst maintaining the confidentiality of participants. Finally the group is led to compile a comprehensive strategic plan for their division and/or group which will serve as the combined effort of future group behaviour."

We implement team building interventions in the following systematic manner:

  • Individual personality assessments are conducted of each team member in the group

  • Group assessments are conducted of each group member (i.e. self-assessments as well as individual assessments by at least five colleagues)

  • Feedback is provided in line with the results obtained from the individual and group assessments

  • All group assessments are profiled to determine areas of high cohesion within the group as well as potential areas for concern

  • A comprehensive SWOT analysis is conducted within the group

  • Specific instructions are provided on how to plan, execute and assess the progress of future strategic plans. Specific emphasis is placed on implementing concrete and measurable feedback mechanisms.

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