Academic Background

Mandy is currently 
busy with her research assignment to obtain a MPhil degree in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Her research assignment topic explores an area of coaching which has been called for by many researches and authors,²to explores the elements that underpin an ideal coaching relationship to provide guidance to managers as coaches².


There is a general consensus amongst various scholars, authors and even executives that coaching is effective.Therefore, employee coaching has become an increasingly common talent management and development tool. An element that has been identified as critical to effective employee coaching is the coaching-orientated relationship that exist between the manager and employee. Having reasonable grounds to believe that coaching works when there is a relationship between the manager and employee,the call is that research should work on identifying the so-called ³elements² that contribute to a high-quality or effective employee coaching relationship.Thus, in her research she will be exploring these elements.


Her current studies is an extension of her Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership which she obtained in 2013. In these studies the Practice and Virtues of Leadership were the vocal point of which coaching and mentoring is part of. Further studies in Financial Markets complimented her career in the financial services sector.

Professional Experience

Mandy has more than 30 years experience in the South African Financial Services and Banking Sector. Her experience has been in senior management positions of which the latter part of her career was spent in Private Banking, where she held the position as Regional Executive from 2008 until 2014.


She has been a member of the Private Banking council, a body which makes strategic decisions. She has also served on the Private Banking Executive Committee (EXCO). Mandy has extensive knowledge and experience in Private Banking, Retail and Business Banking, Channel Banking, Credit, Sales management and People Management.


Her people management functions included headcount and recruitment demand planning, talent management and succession planning, coaching and mentoring, employee relationship process management, performance management and development, reward and recognition as well as change leadership.

Mandy Allie

Post Graduate Diploma  - Leadership               (University of Stellenbosch Business School)

FAIS RE1 & RE5 (Financial Services Board)

National Certificate - Financial Markets and Instruments Specializing in Wealth Management                  (Academy of Financial Markets)

Leading and managing in a Wealth Environment (GIBBS)

Barclays Africa Integrated Leadership Program      (Duke University)

Professional Affiliations

COMENSA - Coaches and Mentors of South Africa

082 440 4382